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Over the years I've accumulated a lot of web design and development bookmarks. Some I read every year, some I hold on to just in case I need them someday. I read once that you can think of it as lazy-loading information - you might not read a tutorial and commit it to memory, but you save it so when you do need that information you know where to go to look.

The Best of the Best

Look, everything here is objectively stellar content, but sometimes... there are stars within stars.

"Sometimes... there are stars within stars ⭐"Ian Mitchell, Quarantine Year One

These posts and people are ones that I keep coming back to, either because they deeply impacted my development as a web developer or because their content is consistently amazing.

7 Principles of Rich Web Applications

7 Principles of Rich Web Applications

This article has influenced how I approach web development for years now. A lot of it has since become relatively mainstream, but there are still sections that need a slightly more-conscious approach.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

Is seven a lucky number or something? Look, I'm a developer first and foremost. I know a good design when I see one, and I definitely can point out UX and UI issues in an existing design. But if you sat me down and asked me to develop something from scratch, I'd have a real rough time of it. I've read several articles over the years that teach you how to do styles, but this article was incredibly helpful teaching me fundamentals. 'Course, I still violate these all the time, but that's on me.

People and Blogs

More coming soon!

I've been saying this for over four years, but I need to launch this redesign without codifying my 400+ links.

It's just that every time I start, I start worrying and overthinking it. How do I check for dead links? What if a link shows up twice? What if I want to do things like auto-pull the website favicon? Bunch of me problems, I know.