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Weekly Roundup II


Little bit late on this one due to distracting weekend plans (I got engaged!), but here is volume 2 of "the list of things I read this week".

  1. OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL - I've been reading about OKLCH over the last week or two. It seems like this format is the "winner" of a bunch of new color formats CSS has gotten in recent years.
  2. Year in Review 2022: Tenderlove's Ruby and Rails Reflections and Predictions - If you're interested in Ruby, follow Tenderlove! This article is a great overview of the cool things happening in Ruby.
  3. Coyier's Edge Law - I don't use serverless for much. I find that if one of my serverless projects finds any success, I'll have to rewrite it in Fastify since it quickly gets cost prohibitive. Most recently, my Sentry → Discord project went from $0/mo to $20/mo to $60/mo in the span of 8 weeks. I do think Edge networks offer more compelling benefits though, and I think Chris suggests an interesting angle to look at them with.
  4. IXION | Original Soundtrack - An absolutely fantastic soundtrack.
  5. Builderbook - A resource put together by my friends at Buildergroop. I learned a lot when I read through it!
  6. Gemfile of dreams: the libraries we use to build Rails apps - Big fan of Rails, big fan of Evil Martians. I discovered some new gems from this list.
  7. T3 App - I got linked to this after a recent spat of Twitter drama. I don't claim to understand the social aspects, but this T3 resource is interesting - and helpful, I think. I agree with a lot of the points, even if I disagree with some of the technical choices. Reading the list of recommendations did push me to look into new frameworks like tRPC.