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Weekly Roundup I


A lot of blogs I follow publish weekly reading lists - I discover a lot of great content this way, and sometimes find new websites I hadn't heard of before. This year I'm joining in - both as a way to practice publishing more, but also to create an archive of posts I've found helpful over the years. I'm trying to think of publishing posts less as blogging and more as journaling.

So, with that said...

  1. The IndieWeb for Everyone - I've been considering moving this website from MDX and static files to a database. I've been reading some of the articles about the IndieWeb recently and considering what integrations would be useful, and how to make it as seamless as possible.
  2. Chris Coyier's RSS OPML File - I love RSS. Chris has a much larger collection of blogs he follows; I discovered so much cool content from this. Importing this into NetNewsWire was easy!
  3. How I achieved my goal of "writing more" - Look, I wrote two posts last year. I clearly need help.
  4. Adding hotkey labels to the UI - I absolutely love integrating hotkeys in this manner. I use several apps that do this, and the visual reminder and hints teach me to use hotkeys I normally wouldn't bother to learn.
  5. Making the web better. With blocks! - ProseMirror, TipTap, Slate, Lexical, Ghost, WordPress, and others all have either always been block based or switched from Markdown to Block Editors over the past few years. I'm conflicted over this change; I think Markdown's simplicity is beautiful, and I think the difficulty of working with Blocks has been a hurdle in my adoption of them. Mac Wright put it really well - "RSS (and Atom) might be the most successful “worse is better” standards of all time, up there with Markdown and JSON. Really S-Tier stuff."