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The Next Redesign

#Code, #Design, #Projects

New year, new domain, new me, "old" technology. I moved my personal website over to a .dev domain and I switched frameworks back to Next.js! Why the flip-flop? Next.js recently added several new methods that create a nice way of generating static websites and it fit what I've been wanting for a while now. Getting MDX to work with it has been a bit of a pain, but I'm optimistic that the plugins will improve over time. The problems are do-it-once type fixes too.

My goal with this redesign was to enable and prioritize more short-form content and different types of posts. I've been trying to learn photography, so I wanted to better support things like photo entries. While working on the redesign I've written some new posts to test out the layout system - hope you like them!

The current plan is to ship the website early while there are still things unfinished, and before the design is really finalized and fun. We'll see how that turns out, but let me know if you have any feedback!