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Tech Interests: 2022


I've been wanting to take the post I wrote about technologies I was getting interested in back in June 2020 and turn the topic into more of a recurring series. It seems like a fun way of tracking what I learn (or end up choosing not to learn) over the years, and reflect back on it. So, new year, new blog post! The plan going into 2022 is...

  • Grafana - Many of my personal projects don't have monitoring. This is partially because I write a lot of static websites, so it's never been a necessary tool. If a time comes where I do need to know how to add monitoring though, it would be nice to not be caught off guard.
  • Remix - Remix is super interesting to me. I didn't enjoy using early React Router versions, but the way Remix mixes it with filesystem routes seems really compelling. I love the focus on web fundamentals, and vibe with the web-first mindset Remix has. I've been considering rewriting my personal site in Remix to better understand it - it has better support for non-HTML pages (like RSS!), and I'd love to get rid of my Webpack hack that generates the feed for Next.js.
  • TypeScript - I'm not the biggest fan of typed languages, but Discord uses TypeScript which necessitated learning it. Part of the reason I started to write Interaction Kit was to better understand TypeScript, and I hope to continue this journey in 2022.
  • Streaming Tech and Overlays - I'm honestly not sure why I want to learn more about this; it just seems kind of fun! I've had to play around with OBS recently to record Discord's developer stages, and that might have sparked an interest in poking around its capabilities more if I had to guess.
  • Stream Deck API - I have a Stream Deck to control my lighting system and a few other peripherals, but I feel like I'm not using it to the fullest potential. I'd like to poke around the API to figure out what it can do.
  • Basic networking - I've been using an AirPort Extreme for the past few years, and have begun looking into router replacements for it as the reliability has begun to waver. This sent me spiraling into the world of networking, and I've been looking into a Ubiquiti setup to replace it with.
  • Supabase - I'm very interested in trying their hosted database and authentication systems. I've heard great things, and I like that they integrate with serverless architectures out of the box.
  • Framer Motion - I'd like to learn more about animation libraries. I've thought about trying to pick up WebGL or Three.js, but Framer Motion seems to be a little more applicable to my work and a good first step to take.
  • Large Scale Discord Bots - My most popular bot is only in 146 servers. I've never operated a bot that required you to think about scaling systems before, and I think there is a lot to be learned from going through those motions. Even if it's over-engineering a small bot, I'd like to try designing an architecture for a large-scale application to get a better understanding of the pain points.
  • Docker Compose - One of my first projects of 2022 is writing several different application boilerplates that let me spin up side projects more quickly. I've tried (and failed) to get into Kubernetes before, but I've heard Docker Compose is easier to get into - and for hobby projects, a more appropriate technology to use.
  • Modern Monorepo Setup - Evidently my knowledge from Zillow circa 2016 is out of date, and I need to refresh my old lerna boilerplate project!

Just for fun, looking at my post from 2020...

  • I use Prisma exclusively for my projects now, and I absolutely love it. I tell anyone who will listen they should be using it.
  • I've used Tailwind a lot, and eventually even changed my opinion on it - I'm a fan!
  • I've used some newer CSS colors in my designs, and I know and utilize CSS grid a lot now.
  • I used Figma a bit more, but less than I would have liked.
  • I did not find a lightweight alternative to Kubernetes, never picked up SwiftUI, and ultimately moved past needing to learn more about Abstract Syntax Trees and MobileDoc.