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Switching from Feedly to Feedbin

#General, #Web

I switched to using Feedbin as my RSS reader today. Previously I had been using Feedly, but Feedbin's design and simplicity were more appealing to me. While I migrated my content over I noticed Feedbin added higher resolution favicons for about 50% of the blogs which was a nice surprise.

I used the switch as an opportunity to revamp the list of blogs I subscribe to - while trying to add new websites I noticed ones I follow built on Next.js and Gatsby commonly don’t have RSS feeds. Gatsby has an official plugin for adding an RSS feed to your website - if you aren’t using it yet, please do! If you’re on Next.js check out my article on how to add RSS to your website.

I’ve downloaded NetNewsWire to use as my reader application. This is likely nostalgia talking having grown up using Reeder, but I prefer the three column layout to accordion style displays.

It feels good to invest more in RSS.