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Senior Project Introduction

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For my Senior Project, I’ve teamed together with James Aldag, Andy Tsao, Anthony Valdez, and Zach Behnke in order to create an analytics tool for the game League of Legends. We’re extremely excited to begin work on this project!

Elevator Pitch

The goal of our website is to collect statistics from League of Legends ranked team games, and allow users to display graphs and tables of their choosing to analyze.

Wait, what?

So what does that mean exactly? If you've ever watched a sporting event on ESPN, you've heard casters say things such as "in the past 3 games, the Sounders have scored a goal in under 11 minutes" or "the Seahawks have only lost 1 home game in the past 3 years". We want to store League of Legend game data on our server, and allow users to query our information to create stories such as those.

First Quarter Focus

Since we plan on having community members construct the graphs instead of creating them ourselves, we’ll need to have an intuitive way of querying our database for the information. This is the big focus short term; we want to get the interface as right as possible before we put a copy of our website online.


The application will only be able to analyze the endgame statistics due to how the API is setup. While this is disappointing, we hope the ability to pull in statistics from a game at a certain point in time will be added in future versions, as well as map statistics (i.e., which towers were destroyed instead of total towers destroyed).

We also do not have the ability to pull statistics in from professional games, since they are played on a separate server. This is a more immediate concern; because we had hoped to initially only present data on official games, we’ll need to revisit how our application will work in the early versions.


We will have two quarters (January to June) to work on this project. We hope to have a rough, working version online by the halfway point. The remaining time will be spent refining the product, and adding additional features as needed (or removing them, as the case may be).

Of course, this plan in and of itself is very rough. During the first few weeks of January we’ll be meeting as a group and ironing out a much more detailed vision and timeline.