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Quill was my test project for Ruby on Rails. Rails became popular with the "Create a Blog in 20 Minutes" tutorial; I wanted to take that idea and expand on it a bit using emerging technology. The result was Quill, an Ajax heavy blogging platform that comes complete with an admin interface. You can write new posts, edit old ones, create standalone pages -- it even has a content upload interface that ties into Amazon S3.


Quill is an open source project on GitHub, but it hasn't seen much activity recently. Someday I might come back to it, but at the moment Quill is on the shelf. It's entirely functional, but the code isn't as clean as it could be. I haven't updated dependencies for a while, so there are probably some security concerns too.

What came out of Quill

I learned a lot about JavaScript, Coffeescript, and Ajax while creating Quill. I also solidified my understanding of Ruby on Rails. I can say without hesitation that Ruby on Rails is my favorite framework for creating websites at the moment, but I wouldn't use it for all scenarios (for lightweight websites, I'd tend towards Node.js or Sinatra).