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Get the Alt Text of Copied Images with the Clipboard API

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I was doomscrolling on Twitter the other night and saw this tweet from @FakeUnicode:

Modern clipboardData events in JavaScript in FF/Chrome do include alt text when right-click "copy image" on a web page. But Twitter would have to parse the 'text/html' for the alt="". Hey @TwitterSupport.

"Share" buttons could probably populate the clipboard with both.


I had no idea this was possible! I might not be @TwitterSupport, but I did recently add alt text support to Discord. Wiring this up in Discord was pretty easy - we're iterating on how to inform users we've prefilled image alt text from their clipboard, but the code to retrieve and set the data is pretty simple.

// Simplified function
function handleClipboardEvent(event) {
const file = event.clipboardData.files[0];
let altText = null;
// Find associated HTML
if (event.clipboardData.types.includes("text/html")) {
// Safely parse HTML and extract alt text
const parser = new DOMParser().parseFromString(
// All your favorite web APIs work!
altText = parser.documentElement.querySelector("img")?.alt;
return {

If we're successful in finding a good UX for this, hopefully it will ship in Discord soon. I learned a lot from @FakeUnicode's tweet, and thought I'd share how I used the information in a complete function so others could try and do the same in their projects!